Film Crew

Movie Writer and Director
Yasuyuki Ebihara

Yasuyuki first discovered his interest in film at the age of 23, he then taught himself everything he could about the genre and with the support of others he became an independent film maker at the age of 26.

He started his career by making company promotion videos, then he started to shoot his own films with the aim of reaching the top of the film industry.

In 2014 he took advantage of an opportunity to direct a theater movie and television drama.

At the same time, he shot the documentary film “Egao no Rosoku”, English title “Power of Smile” about a young girl with muscular dystrophy and her family.

More than the length of your time on earth, life is about how well you spend the time you are given.

“I learned a lot from this family, I started to question if I was currently living to the fullest extent in the present.

All lives end, I want to live mine without regret when that end comes.

I made up my mind that whatever I most want to do, I will do.

I wanted to film individuals that are living their lives with passion to the fullest extent and share these stories with the world. “

otsuboVideo creator
Maki Otsubo

Maki grew up longing for the worlds he saw while watching films in his childhood like the “The Goonies,” “Back to the Future” and “Indiana Jones.”

He wanted to create his own world in order to express his ideas so he started learning how to make videos at the age of 21. He became a freelance creator by the age of 24.

He creates promotion videos for small and medium-sized businesses, shooting bridal videos and making videos for TV commercials in addition to producing cable television programs. He’s grateful to people who have given him this opportunity to do work that allows him to work together with others on projects that he cares about.

In 2015 he is planning to produce more of his own work unrelated to his regular business in order to deliver his own personal message to the viewing world.

He looks forward to continuing to work with others to produce quality projects

He will continue living his life in such a way that he can build relationships with others who can help support one another when support is needed.